Saturday, February 27, 2016

What documents do I need to Purchase a car insurance in the UK?

What documents is required for purchasing car insurance in the UK is surely the question most drivers from the United Kingdom will ask when they just arrived in the country. If you live in the UK, and you own a vehicle which you want to start driving, you might probably be asking the same questions as ‘What document do I need for car insurance in the UK?’ Well the answers to that question is not far from this article you are reading.

As we all know, different regions are govern by different laws so it won’t be out of place to conclude that the type of documents required to purchase a car insurance policy in the USA or Canada will definitely be different from the documents required for a car insurance in the UK.

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I am been specific on the car insurance policy document required from the UK because I am a taxi driver from Oxford and when I first came in town, I was about buying an insurance policy for my car but found it difficult along the line to complete my insurance cover because I couldn’t provide the necessary document they need to process the policy.

Well, all is fine now and I wouldn’t want you to pass through the struggles I did so I will be guiding you on how to process your auto insurance policy quickly by providing the required document you need for the car insurance in the UK.

So What Documents do i Need?

The types of documents you need for a UK car insurance according to includes:

1. Additional Driver Form.
If you want to add another driver to your motor insurance policy, you need to get this form.

2. Private Motor Proposal Form;
This form is for customers who wish to get a complete motor or car insurance quotes.

3. Engineers Report Form;
This form is for customers whose vehicle has been modified from the manufacturers specification and they wish to get a motor quotes.

4. Lost Insurance Certificate Declaration:
If you can’t find your insurance certificate, you need a document to prove it is missing.

5. Supplementary Questionnaire;
If you have a claim that has been omitted from the insurance quotes, then you need these document of complaints. You will need to provide all these documents or fill and submit them online.

These documents varies base on the types of car insurance you want to purchase. Like, young drivers, learner drivers, student drivers, mature drivers, lady drivers, experienced drivers, existing customers etc. I hope you find this article helpful? feel free to share this information with your friends out there. Thank you.

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